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M3 Eastern Freeway, Eastlink & Frankston Freeway (M3)


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General Information:

M3 is a motorway standard route in Melbourne's eastern and south eastern suburbs, linking the Melbourne CBD with the Mornington Peninsula. The Eastern Freeway is untolled, however the Eastlink section of M3, from Nunawading to Seaford uses an electronic distance based tolling system.

Eastern Freeway:

The Eastern Freeway was originally meant to receive the F19 route number. 2

In the 1970s when the Eastern Freeway was built, the design included provision for rail. Some tunnelling construction work was, in fact, started in the 1970s, near Hoddle Street. Overpasses were also built to cater for rail. 3


Eastlink is made up of the Eastern Freeway Extension, Ringwood Bypass and Scoresby Freeway. 4

The Eastlink section of the route features 17 interchanges and also twin tunnels at Donvale / Ringwood, under the Mullum Mullum valley - the Melba Tunnel and the Mullum Mullum Tunnel. Each tunnel is 1.6km long, contain three lanes that are 3.5m wide with a height clearance for vehicles of 4.65m. The tunnels have a gradient of up to 5.5% and are located up to 53m from surface level. 5

The route also features 3 traffic lanes in each direction for 33km from the Eastern Freeway to Thompson Road at Carrum Downs, and also has 103 structures, including 88 bridges. 6



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