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C141 Ballan-Daylesford Road & Geelong-Ballan Road (C141)


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C141 is a mostly rural road linking the coastal city of Geelong to the heritage tourist town of Daylesford. Daylesford is famous for its cuisine, wine, day spas, scenery, natural mineral springs, country resorts, historic streetscapes, entertainment, art and much more.

Daylesford to Batesford Batesford to Daylesford
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Intersection Directional Sign:
Ballan Rd (C141) as it meets its southern terminus with Midland Hwy (A300) at Batesford, December 2008.

Image © Tim Cole

tn_200612_02_ballan_ballan-daylesfordrd&geelong-ballanrd_c141.jpg Intersection Directional Sign:
ID sign at the intersection with Geelong-Ballan Rd & Ballan-Daylesford Rd (C141) at Ballan, December 2006.

Image © Rob Tilley

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