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  Brooker Highway, Midland Highway & Bass Highway (National Highway 1) - Former Alingment: Oatlands to Hobart


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Highway 1 is a circumferential route right around Australia, but there is also a small segment located in Tasmania, which more or less travels down the centre of the state. In Tasmania, National Highway 1 is made up of the Brooker Highway between Granton and Hobart, the Midland Highway between Granton and Launceston, and also the Bass Highway between Burnie and Launceston.

The occurence of NH1 is a bit of an anomoly and stands out compared to all other routes in the state being alpha-numeric. In the late 1970s when the Tasmanian authorities decided to introduce an alphanumeric numbering system (the first Australian state to do so), the Federal Government who funded National Highways, stopped the Tasmanian government from allocating an alphanumeric number to the route.

From Launceston, the Midland Hwy passes through Perth, Epping Forest, Campbell Town, Ross, Oatlands, Bagdad, Brighton, Bridgewater and into Hobart.

The Midland Highway's highest elevation along its length is 493m and the lowest point is at -0.495m.

The Midland Highway connects with the Bass Highway, the Domain Highway, the East Derwent Highway, the East Tamar Highway, the Esk Main Road, the Huon Highway Southern Outlet, the Illawarra Road, the Lake Highway, the Lyell Highway, the Mud Walls Road, the Tasman Highway and the West Tamar Highway.

The Brooker Highway is the major arterial route through Hobart's northern suburbs and Hobart's major road connection to the cities and towns of Northern Tasmania.

Suburbs along the route include: Glebe, Lutana, Goodwood, Glenorchy, Montrose, Rosetta, Berriedale, Claremont, Austins Ferry


This page concentrates on the former alignment between Hobart and Oatlands

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Distance sign on Brooker Hwy at Brighton, 2008. This location has been bypassed by a dual carriageway and now this is a local road called Glenstone Rd.

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