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C305   Chiswick Road, Church Street, Roseneath Road, Bridge Street, Bond Street & Tooms Lake Road (C305) - Former Alignment


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C305 is a rural road in Eastern Tasmania. It connects the small town of Tooms Lake to the Midland Highway via the small and historic town of Ross. The Chiswick Road section, and the nearby Bridge Road and Ross Bridge are former alignments of the Midland Highway.

In the Tasmanian State Road Hierarchy brochure, the route comes under Category 5 - Other Road, which suggests its a minor route. A section of the route is unsealed.

Ross Bridge:

The Ross Bridge is a major feature in the town of Ross, and was constructed by convict labour and opened in 1836, and is the third oldest bridge still in use in Australia. The bridge crosses the Macquarie River. 1


This page features for the former alignment through Ross

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Former Alignment at Ross:
Looking at the former alignment at Ross, west of the town centre. Auburn Rd is on the left, and the original route through town is Ashby Rd, which is on the right, originally linking Ross with Cressy, July 2018.

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1 And Sometimes I Just Sits (Ferraby Ling), Ross Bridge, 07 October 2009

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