Road Photos & Information: South Australia
A21   Robe Terrace, Hackney Road, Dequetteville Terrace, Fullarton Road, Greenhill Road, Goodwood Road, West Terrace, Port Road, Park Terrace & Fitzroy Terrace (A21) (Decommissioned)


Route Numbering:

General Information:

A21 is designed to be a loop route or ring road around Adelaide and North Adelaide CBDs. It's a standard urban arterial road, with a small section, namely Park Road and Mann Road converted to one way sections.

The former National Route 1 section, is on the eastern side of the loop and takes in Robe Tce, Park Rd, Mann Rd, Hackney Rd, Dequetteville Tce and Fullerton Rd. This section was replaced in 1998 by A21, when Transport SA introduced alphanumeric numbering, causing a break in Highway 1 which circumnavigates Australia.


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