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D96   Strzelecki Track (D96)


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D96 is an isolated unsealed route in South Australia's outback.

The Strzelecki Track runs from the north of the Flinders Ranges at Lyndhurst to the north east corner of Southern Australia at Innamincka. It was first travelled by Charles Sturt around 1844 and was named after a Polish count who had settled in Australia. 2

The Strzelecki Track crosses a Dingo Fence about 100 km from Lyndhurst. The Dingo Fence is the longest fence in the world and has a length almost twice that of the Great Wall of China. It was constructed to keep the wild dingoes to the north of the fence separated from the sheep areas to the south of the fence. It stretches from Western Australia up into Central Queensland. 2


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Black Intersection Directional Signs:
Black ID signs facing Riecks Rd at Merty Merty, July 2016.

Image © Richard Wardle

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