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  RM Williams Way (B80)


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RM Williams Way major road in South Australia's mid north, which runs between Stanley Flat (near Clare) and Hawker, via Jamestown. The route is named in honour of the bush clothing businessman was born in 1908 in the town of Jamestown, which the route passes through. 1

Click here for a SA Government press release on the naming of the route and also information on the man it honours.

There are 3 multiplexes along the route, they are as follows:


Hawker to Orroroo Orroroo to Stanley Flat

Stanley Flat to Hawker
  Hawker to Stanley Flat
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Advance Directional Sign:
AD sign at Spalding as you approach the Goyder Hwy junction (the northern end of the B64 duplex). June 2008.

Image © Darrin Smith

  Distance Sign:
RD sign as you leave the town of Cradock. June 2008.

Image © Darrin Smith

      Advance Directional Sign:
AD sign on Fourth Street, approaching the intersection with Second Street in Orroroo, June 2008.

Image © Darrin Smith

      Advance Directional Sign:
Southbound through Jamestown as you approach Ayr Street (B78 / B79). June 2008.

Image © Darrin Smith

1 Australian Broadcasting Corporation
2 SA Government

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