Road Photos & Information: South Australia
B79   Gladstone-Pirie Road, Park Terrace, Gladstone-Caltowie Road, Charles Street, Jamestown Road, Caltowie-Jamestown Road, Ayr Street, Jamestown-Hallett Road, Toromy Gap Road, Clare-Peterbrough Road, Mannanarie-Yongala Road, Jamestown-Orroroo Road, Yongala-Peterborough Road, Main Street & Wilmington-Ucolta Road (B79)


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This route connects Peterborough, the towns in between and the A32, Barrier Hwy to Port Pirie and the A1, Port Wakefield Road.

Passing through farmland, the route is your typical, sometimes narrow, 2 lane rural road. The B80 duplex is with Clare-Peterborough Road, from Jamestown to Mannanarie. The route also follows the Port-Pirie to Broken Hill Railway, with the railway and road sometimes running right next to each other.

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