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A7   Commercial Road & Port Road (A7)


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A7 is the main route between Port Adelaide and the Adelaide CBD. It is a dual carriageway route passing through commercial and residential areas.

When first conceived upon the establishment of Adelaide, the route corridor was designed to be able to accommodate a standard road, a railway line and a canal. The canal and railway line were never created in the road reserve, with the railway line, built in 1853, a kilometre to the east.

The original Port Road corridor was designed by Colonel Light as a primary element in the urban form and structure of Adelaide and it was the first main road constructed in South Australia. Port Road today is the city’s third most heavily trafficked road. 2


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Advance Directional Sign:
AD sign on St Vincent St, Port Adelaide, approaching Commercial Rd (A7), May 2013.

Image © Terry Siva

Advance Directional Signage:
Looking southeast on Port Road at Port Adelaide approaching Grand Junction Road (A16). March 2005. Note the missing A7 and A16 shields and remnant National Highway shields.

Image © Darrin Smith

Advance Directional Signage:
Looking Port Road (A7) at Kilkenny approaching East Av (A14), July 2014.

Image © Michael Greenslade

Advance Directional Sign:
AD sign at Hindmarsh approaching Port Rd (A21 (now R1)), June 2016.

Image © Richard Wardle

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