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A32   Horrocks Highway & Barrier Highway (A32) - Hallett to Giles Corner


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Horrocks Highway (formerly Main North Road) is a major arterial route linking Adelaide and the Flinders Ranges and Port Augusta area.

The Barrier Highway heads north from Giles Corner into the mid-north of South Australia. The highway also passes through the Nackara Range, and heads north-easterly direction eventually reaching Cockburn, which is located on both the SA/NSW border - split in half by the actual border. The highway is named after the Barrier Ranges which are located near Broken Hill.

Multiplexes along the route include:


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Advance Directional Sign:
AD sign on Barrier Hwy (A32), approaching Goyder Hwy (B64) at Burra, November 2016.

Image © Paul Rands

Goyder Highway:
Barrier Hwy (A32) at the Goyder Hwy (B64) intersection in Burra, November 2016. The B64 duplex commences here.

Image © Paul Rands

Reassurance Directional Sign:
Distance sign on Barrier Hwy (A32) at Burra, November 2016. Note the missing B64 shield.

Image © Paul Rands

Advance Directional SIgn:
AD sign approaching Goyder Hwy (B64), Mount Bryan, November 2016.

Image © Paul Rands

Goyder Highway:
Corner of Barrier Hwy (A32) and Goyder Hwy (B64) at Mt Bryan, November 2016. The B64 duplex ends at this junction.

Image © Paul Rands

Intersection Directional Sign:
ID sign assembly facing Goyder Hwy (B64) at Mt Bryan, November 2016.

Image © Paul Rands

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2 Regional Council of Goyder, Barrier Highway / Copperhouse Road

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