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A16   Grand Junction Road (A16)


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Grand Junction Road is in the Adelaide metropolitan area, and is north of the CBD. It is mostly dual carriageway.

It's an east-west route and acts as a connector to Port Adelaide from Adelaide's suburbs. Part of it is funded by Auslink and classified as part of what used to be known as the National Highway network. That section runs from Hampstead Road at Northfield and travels to South Road at Regency Park.

Major routes that intersect Grand Junction Road include:


The road was originally known as Junction Road, acquiring its current name from a small settlement that contained a school and an inn and was known as the Grand Junction from at least 1850. The settlement lay at the intersection of the main roads to Adelaide, Port Adelaide and the northern towns of the Adelaide plains. 1

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Advance Directional Sign:
Westbound AD sign on Grand Junction Road at Northfield, approaching the intersection with Hampstead Road and Briens Road. October 2004.

Image © Darrin Smith

Advance Directional Sign:
Westbound AD sign approaching the 5 way intersection with Port Wakefield Road (NH-A1), Main North Road (NH-A20 / A1). October 2004.

Image © Darrin Smith

1 John H Lewis publication, "Enfield and the Northern Villages"
2 Transport SA
3 South Australian Attorney General's Department

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