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State Route 22 is a 2 part route, truncated after numbering changes in the Brisbane area during the 1990s. The eastern section features a small unsigned section along O'Keefe St at Woolloongabba as well as an unsigned duplex with SR95 within the same suburb. 2

The eastern section of the route passes through commercial and residential zones for the majority of the route and is mostly divided roadway. The route also once carried trams closer to the city. The route is mostly 2 lanes in each direction, with Morton Bay Road at arterial / near motorway standard and actually follows the reservation for the Eastern Freeway which was planned in the 1970s. See map.

The routing of SR22 once included Cavendish Rd at Coorparoo, Stanley and Vulture Streets in East Brisbane, Woolloongabba and South Brisbane as well as Cordelia and Merivale Streets, Peel and Melbourne Streets and Grey St in South Brisbane, plus Skew St, Petrie Tce, Saul St, Countess St and Kelvin Grove Rd in Brisbane, and Kelvin Grove Rd in Kelvin Grove and then Enoggera Rd in New Market and Alderley.

Multiplexes along the route include:


Cleveland to Woollongabba   Woolloongabba to Cleveland
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Advance Directional Sign:
AD sign on Shore St West (SR22) approaching Wellington St (SR46 / Southern Moreton Bay Tourist Drive) at Cleveland, July 2011

Image © Rob Tilley

  Advance Directional Sign:
AD sign on O'Keefe St (SR22) approaching Logan Rd (SR95) at Woolloongabba (Stones Corner), March 2006.

Image © Paul Rands

Black Intersection Directional Sign:
Faded black ID sign on the roundabout with Shore St West (SR22) & Wellington St (SR46 / Southern Moreton Bay Tourist Drive) at Cleveland, July 2011

Image © Rob Tilley

  Stones Corner:
Logan Rd and Old Cleveland Road at Greenslopes (Stones Corner), March 2006.

Image © Paul Rands

Advance Directional Sign :
AD sign on Scrub Rd approaching Old Cleveland Road (SR22) at Carindale, March 2018.

Image © Dean Sherry


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