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The Sandover Highway is a track that follows the Sandover River for a significant amount of length. One of NTs more isolated state routes, it passes by several indigenous communities and is serviced by a couple of farming stations along the route. During the annual the wet season, the route floods along the eastern end of the Sandover Highway and Alpurrurulam, and becomes completely inaccessible.

The road passes through arid country for its full length, with variations between grassland, open mulga woodland and spinifex desert. Where the road crosses the Sandover River the vegetation improves and there are creek-bank stands of tall eucalypts. 1

Named in 1966 after the River along which it follows, The majority of this road is gravel giving access to the various stations and Communities in the area. The Sandover River was named by Charles Winnecke and is presumed to be named after William Sandover, a South Australian MP (1868/70) and Member and President of the SA Legislative Council (1873-83). 2


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Distance sign near the Plenty Hwy (SR12) intersection at Anmatjere, September 2015.

Image © Richard Wardle

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