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The Newell Highway is the longest highway in NSW, stretching from the Victorian border at Tocumwal to the Queensland border. It's the economic backbone for freight and livestock transporters, tourism operators, caravanners and holiday makers, emergency services, government, media and business owners. 1

The majority of the route is undivided roadway, with various overtaking sections where required.

The Newell Highway is named after HH Newell. He was the first commissioner for Main Roads in New South Wales. He passed away in 1941. 2 Prior to his appointment to the newly formed Main Roads Board on March 9, 1925, he was the District Engineer at the Wollongong branch of the Department of Public Works. 3

During construction of the Moree Bypass, a number of environmental concerns had to be overcome before the section between Alice St (Gwydir Hwy) and Amaroo Dr could be completed. The bypass route ran north-south through former fuel storage facilities and the clean up of the location meant that only the northern section of the bypass (Gwydir Hwy to Carnavon Hwy (now Gwydir Hwy)) initially opened to traffic, with the southern section following the existing highway.

Multiplexes along the route include:


This page concentrates on photos of the former A39 alignment through Moree.

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Advance Directional Sign:
Advance directional sign on Frome St, Moree, approaching the turn for the former A39 alignment onto Alice St, January 2014.

Image © Michael Greenslade

  Advance Directional Sign:
AD sign on Alice St approaching Frome St in Moree, January 2014.

Image © Michael Greenslade

Advance Directional Sign:
AD sign on Alice St Moree, approaching Gwydir Hwy (B76) and the northern segment of Moree Bypass, January 2014. This sign is an updated version of the original one, which omitted B76 as it was not duplexed along the bypass when it opened.

Image © Michael Greenslade


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