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Intersection directional sign at the corner of Flynn Dr and Alexandrina Dr at Yarralumla. Image © Paul Rands

You've arrived at the road photos and information section that covers decommissioned tourist drive routes within the Australian Capital Territory.

Following correspondence with Roads ACT on 9 November 2015, it was revealed that all tourist drives except for TD5 have been decommissioned. At the time, due to funding, there was no program to replace all tourist drives at once. However, it was indicated that Roads ACT would be removing the signs gradually as part of their road maintenance program, except TD5. At the date of correspondence, it was indicated that discussions were in progress with Tourism ACT about using an appropriate name for the route. However in since about 2016, new signs have omitted the TD5 designation, so it is likely that TD5 has now also been decommissioned, hence its inclusion in this section.

Points of interest along the old routes still exist and according to the email they have been signposted individually considering the area of influence and the significance of the attraction.

Route Number: Description: Preview:
Tourist Drive 1 - Parliamentary Triangle Loop:
Commonwealth Avenue, London Circuit, Constitution Avenue, Russell Drive, Kings Avenue and State Circle
Tourist Drive 2 - Lake Burley Griffin Tour:
Barry Drive, Clunies Ross Street, Lady Denman Drive, Cotter Road, Dudley Street, Novar Street, Alexandrina Drive, and Coronation Drive, Commonwealth Avenue, Vernon Circle & Northbourne Avenue
Tourist Drive 3 - ANZAC Memorial Loop:
Anzac Parade, Constitution Avenue, Russell Drive, Morshead Drive, Fairbairn Avenue, Treloar Crescent, and Limestone Avenue
Tourist Drive 4 - Northern Sports and Recreation Tour:
Northbourne Avenue, Vernon Circle, Mouat Street, Ginninderra Drive, Tucker Street, Leverrier Crescent, Battye Street, Haydon Drive, College Street, Eastern Valley Way, Emu Bank, Luxton Street, Coulter Drive, William Slim Drive, Owen Dixon Drive, Kuringa Drive and Barton Highway
Tourist Drive 5 - Science and Nature Loop:
State Circle, Adelaide Avenue, Cotter Road, Paddys River Road, Tidbinbilla Road, Tharwa Drive, Monaro Highway, Canberra Avenue, National Circuit & Kings Avenue
Tourist Drive 6 - Embassies Tour:
Brisbane Avenue, National Circuit, Dominion Circuit, Melbourne Avenue, Hopetoun Circuit, Schlich Street, Empire Circuit, Akarna Street, Moonah Place, Perth Avenue, Darwin Avenue, Forster Crescent, Coronation Drive, State Circle and Commonwealth Avenue
Tourist Drive 7 - Museum & Education Loop:
Northbourne Avenue, London Circuit, Commonwealth Avenue, King Edward Terrace, Parkes Place, King George Terrace, Langton Crescent, Edinburgh Avenue, Lawson Crescent, Liverside Street, Ellery Crescent, Marcus Clarke Street, Allsop Stret, Childers Street, Hutton Street, Kingsley Street and Barry Drive

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