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Federal Highway, Majura Parkway and Monaro Highway (M23 / B23) (Construction Photos)


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M23 / B23 is a major north-south route within the ACT.

The M23 section acts as a bypass of the urban area of North Canberra and travels past Canberra International Airport.

The B23 section acts as a bypass of the urban area of South Canberra and travels past several industrial areas.

The route from Ginns Gap to Gilmore is divided motorway and arterial road standard, with at least 2 lanes in each direction and all junctions between Majura and Symonston grade separated. From Gilmore to Williamsdale, the route in undivided rural highway standard with occasional overtaking lanes.

Traffic types vary considerably along the route. Because of the proximity to the industrial areas of Fyshwick, Hume and to a lesser extent, Symonston, there is quite a lot of heavy vehicles using the route. Other traffic includes commuters travelling to and from Civic and South Canberra to Tuggeranong and during Winter, ski traffic making its way to and from the NSW snowfields, south of Cooma.

B23 crosses the Molonglo River at Pialligo, which feeds Lake Burley Griffin.

Multiplexes along the route include:


Federal Highway:

Majura Parkway:

Monaro Highway (Cooma Road):

This page concentrates on photos of various construction projects along the route.

Ginns Gap to Williamsdale   Williamsdale to Ginns Gap
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Construction Sign:
Sign indicating construction work for the Majura Pkwy and expected traffic delays. Sign was located on Horse Park Dr at Throsby approaching the Federal Hwy and Majura Rd interchange, April 2015.

Image © Paul Rands

  Advance Directional Sign:
AD sign, Majura Parkway construction and contraflow at Fyshwick approaching Pialligo Av, April 2015. This ramp now feeds southbound traffic onto Monaro Hwy.

Image © Paul Rands

      Advance Directional Sign:
AD sign and Majura Parkway construction at Fyshwick approaching Pialligo Av, April 2015. This ramp now feeds southbound traffic onto Monaro Hwy and northbound traffic from a works depot.

Image © Paul Rands

Overpass construction at Pialligo to take Majura Pkwy over Hopkins Dr, April 2015.

Image © Paul Rands

      Fairbairn Avenue:
Majura Pkwy (M23) as it passes over Fairbairn Av at Pialligo, April 2015.

Image © Paul Rands

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